You have arrived.

A great society is grown by people
who plant trees whose shade
they may never enjoy.

The Dreamers. The Explorers. Those with
dirt under their nails. Salt of the Earth. 
This is the company I keep.


I help
 grow great societies by connecting people to Nature
Many know me as The Dalai Fama.
These are my Principles & Practices.
This is what I´m doing now.
Here is my bio.

Alan Watts, Benjamin Zander, Bruce Lee, Buckminster Fuller, Carlo Petrini, David Holmgren, The Dalai Lama, Jacques Cousteau, Jane Jacobs, John Muir, Ken Robinson, Krista Tippett, Paul Stamets, Rachel Carson, Robyn Davidson, Silvia Earle, and Thict Nhat Hanh inspire me.

Born in Australia.
Raised in Hong Kong & Indonesia.
Based in New York & Lisbon.
Proud to call Earth home.


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