Hello World. My name is Simon Roberts. Although my friends call me Si, Sim, River or The Dalai Fama.

These are my principles & practices.

I’m a Cross Pollinator, Minimalist, and Slow Thinker.

Alan Watts, Benjamin Zander, Bruce Lee, Buckminster Fuller, Carlo Petrini, David Holmgren, The Dalai Lama, Jane Jacobs, Ken Robinson, Krista Tippett, Paul Stamets, Rachel Carson, Robyn Davidson and Thict Nhat Hanh inspire me.

Here is my recent track record and linkedin.

Here are some pigeon holes I can fit in: Advisor, Cook, Creative, Designer, Ecologist, Entrepreneur, Farmer, Forager, Host, Interviewer, Investor, Naturalist, Producer, Strategist, Urbanist & Writer.

Born in Australia. Raised in Hong Kong. Based in New York. Exploring the World. Proud to call Earth home.