Hello World!

My name is Simon Roberts. And I have a thing for connecting remarkable people and growing fresh food. Pleased to meet you.

Alan Watts, Benjamin Zander, Bruce Lee, Buckminster Fuller, Carlo Petrini, David Holmgren, The Dalai Lama, Jane Jacobs, Ken Robinson, Krista Tippett, Paul Stamets, Robyn Davidson and Thict Nhat Hanh inspire me.

Cross Pollinator, Minimalist, Naturalist, and a Slow Thinker.

I believe the next generation deserves a healthier relationship with nature.

Born in Australia. Raised in Hong Kong. Based in New York. Exploring the World. Proud to call Earth home.

In the past I’ve:

  • Converted a New York construction site into a farm
  • Researched 250,000 food products
  • Posted the streets with 7,000 messages of positivity
  • Cinematically curated the rooftops of Hong Kong