One of the most common questions I get asked is:
“What are you up to these days?”
This page answers that question.
Inspired by Derek Sivers /now page.

Exploring Collaborative Property Models
– Bringing a real estate co-investment platform to market called Rise Markets.
– Experimenting with co-housing concepts in New York & Lisbon.

Designing Farms
– Designing a pop-up farm system for refugee camps in Lebanon.
– Supporting the design of a farm on the side of a Volcano in Indonesia.
– Fundraising for a mobile farm vehicle for schools called The Greenstream.
– Testing the viability of a crowdfunding platform for neighbourhoods to seed fund local farms.

Hosting Nature Expeditions
– Planning an ocean expedition with extraordinary explorers.
– Planning fall forest retreat in Upstate NY.
– Sign up here if you’re interested.

Drafting First Books
– Most way through the first draft of children’s book called The Dalai Fama.
– Outlining a Book on Questions that Changed the World.

Portuguese Roots
– Setting up a home base in Europe where I’ll spend 4-6 months each year for the next decade. Most likely in Lisbon and the surrounding area. If you’re in town let me know.

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