Principles & Practices

Deciding how to live life is one of those life long journeys. These are a few Principles & Practices I’ve picked up along the way from many wonderful faces and places. Each Principle is followed by Practices as I’ve found that it helps to walk and talk.

Be happy.
Wake up with a smile.
Serve others.
Be first to smile and laugh.
Practice gratitude (see below).
Hugging meditation.

Be healthy.
Eat food, mostly plants, not too much.
Breathe deeply.
Walking meditation.

Be curious & compassionate.
Ask curious questions.
Listen attentively.
Withhold judgements.

Be natural.
More being, less doing.
Sit in silence, notice sensations.
Leave the phone at home.

Be a global citizen.
Stay curious & compassionate with the world.
Travel for at least 2 months each year.
Live in a new city every 5-10 years.

Be grateful.
Write in a gratitude journal just before going to bed.
Gratefully acknowledge food before eating.
Appreciate the smallest details in nature.
Dish-washing meditation.

Go with the flow
Pause the inner dialogue.
Decide with your body – Do you lean towards or away?
Be grateful for what is present.
Follow the 8s.

Be useful.
Constantly question.
Leave it better than I found it.
Remember to breathe.

Feel free to share your own Principles & Practices, thoughts, or comments.